ILLINOIS  -- COMING in 2020: Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri and Indiana!

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No Winner Reported for Thursday, February 20


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QofH Drawings for Friday, February 21:


Mount Vernon, IL - $13,323

Centralia, IL - $7,552

Germantown, IL - $4,512

Sesser, IL - $2,300

Evansville, IL - $1,000 


Please Check With The Club Directly For Last Minute Updates. 

(QofH's Is Not Responsible For Changes Not Provided  By The Club)


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Chicago Tribune interviews our Editor Ron Marlo for article on McHenry Illinois Queen of Hearts Jackpots

8/26/2019 -After living in Las Vegas much of his life, Ron Marlo knows what gambling fever looks like — and he sees it now at Queen of Hearts raffles throughout Illinois. “It’s festive, it’s a party,” he said. “Before each drawing, it’s like going on a flight to Vegas. Everybody’s talking and laughing and having a good time... Marlo said he gets calls from clubs asking for advice about starting their own games. He plans to expand his website ( to other states, and hopes to make money himself off advertising... “Even small little towns can raise a lot of money,” Marlo said. “It’s saved all these clubs. They were going broke because of a lack of membership. Now they make more money on one night than...” READ MORE


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