Q:  What is a Queen of Hearts Raffle?

A:  Generally speaking a Queen of Hearts (QH) raffle is a weekly progressive raffle. The game starts with 52 cards and 2 jokers which are displayed face down on a game board. Raffle tickets are sold and one ticket is drawn weekly. That week's winner picks a card in hopes of uncovering the Queen of Hearts and winning the grand jackpot!  Players participate by purchasing a ticket at the sponsoring organization's location. See our locations list for the QH raffle location nearest to you.


Q:  What are the rules for a Queen of Hearts Raffle?

A:  Check the rules here. Note: rules may change slightly from state to state and location to location.


Q:  How much is a Queen of Hearts Raffle ticket?

A:  Raffle Tickets are typically $1 each. although some locations may have a slightly higher amount per raffle ticket (such as $5 per). Usually you can get a better deal if you buy multiple tickets. In most locations, a player can buy as many tickets as he/she desires, which of course increases his/her chances of winning that week's drawing and having an opportunity to uncover the Queen of Hearts and win the grand jackpot!